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The model is adult upper body with clear anatomical landmarks (costal arch, xiphoid), easy to operate positioning. The facial skin, neck skin ,chest skin, hair are all made of imported thermoplastic elastomer mixed plastic material made of stainless steel mold, the injection molding machine injection pressure from high temperature. It has realistic touch feeling, unified color, realistic shape, nice appearance, high durability, easy disassembly and replacement features.


1. Pupil response: Bilateral pupils contrast observation;
2. Carotied artery response: pinching pressure the ball to simulate carotid pulse;
3. Chest compressions:
4. Standard airway open;
5. Feasible three ways to open the airway: lift jaw with head back, lift the head and neck, lift jaw by hands;
6. Mouth resuscitation and ventilator-assisted breathing. effective artificial respiration has visible chest rise;
7. Simulate laryngeal mask airway and composite cannula can be inserted into the air way;
8. Verify endotracheal intubation is correct or not: a catheter inserted into the trachea, lungs will swell (plastic bladder) when inflated; If the catheter is inserted by mistake esophagus, stomach will swell when inflated (plastic pouch). Observed pulmonary respiration;
9. Artifical ventilation;
10. Oral or nasal intubation and esophageal intubation;
11. Open the air way and practise from resuscitator bag to breathing mask or from resuscitator bag to the cannula;
12. Respiratory tract is simple and can be replaced;
13. Easy to carry, suitable for field training.


Life size Digestive System Model, demonstrates the entire digestive system in graphic relief. Digestive System features: Nose. Mouth cavity and pharynx. Exophagus, GI tract, liver with gall bladder, Pancreas and spleen. The duodenum. caecum and rectum of the digestive system are opened. dissectible into 3 part. Mounted on baseboard..


Complete Venipuncture Arm:-

• Venous access-Basilic V Cerphalic V Digital V Dorssal Metacarpal V Median Basilic V Accessory Cephalic V Extensive venipuncture system Median Antebrra V Median Cephalic V Median Cubital V Thumb

• This revolutionary training arm provides complete venous access for IV therapy and phlebotomy, plus sites for intramuscular and intradermal injection. An extensive 8-lined vascular system allows students to practice venipuncture at all primary and secondary locations, including starting IVS and introducing Over the Needle IV Catheters. The Venous system simplifies setup with only one external fluid bag supplying artificial blood to all veins simultaneously. The dorsal surface of the hand includes injectable

• Metacarpal, digital and thumb veins. The antecubital fosse includes the median cerphalic, median basilica, and median cubita I veins. Venipuncture can also be performed along the basilica, cephalic, accessory cephalic and median antebrachial veins. Intramuscular injection may be performed in the deltoid muscle and intradermal injection sites are located in the upper arm. Intramuscular injections into the deltoid muscle are enchanced by the soft, lifelike skin and by the natural bony landmarks in the region. Intramuscular injections using distilled water will create characteristic skin weisat designated sites on the upper arm.

• The realism of the advanced veripuncture and injection Arm is truly amazing. The soft, flexible fingers are molded separately with extreme attention paid to every detail-right down to the fingerprints! Flexion of the wrist helps students to develop manipulates skills. The replaceable skin rolls as the veins are palpated and a disdemable POP” Is felt when entering the veins. The molding process reproduces the fine details of the skin to make the arm look and feel alive. Valves in the veins can be seen and palpated on the skin surface

• Simulated veins and skins are completely replaceable to keep this training arm looking and working like new. Under normal use, hundreds of injections may be performed before the veins or skins need to be replaced. Complete replacement kits are available and easy to use. To extend the life of the veins and aerosol sealant is available to seal punctures and prevent leakage.


The different parts of the eyeball model are detachable to show the following structures:-
1 Tunica external: showing cornea and sclera with attachments of ocular muscles and optic nerve
2. Tunica media: showing the iris, the ciliary body and the chorioid
3. Tunica internal is retina.
4. Refraction media: showing the leans the vitreous body.
The model is made of PVC plastic Mounted on stand, 6 times enlarged.


Bi 92 Self Breast Examination
Bi 93 Harmful Effects of Alcohol
Bi 94 Harmful Effects of Tobacco Smoking
Bi 95 Harmful Effects of Steroids
Bi 96 Sexually Transmitted Infections
Bi 97 Communicable Diseases
Bi 98 Food Salty