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Acura V
Working on Peristaltic finger pump, Acura V is an infusion volumetric pump with an unique anti-reverse mechanism that prevents upstream flow. The pump is equipped with large LCD blue-colored display and comes with dual infusion modes using Infrared optoelectronic detection. While the pressure detection device comes with settings to prevent occlusion, air-in-line detection detects and reduces accidental air in the path making it a reliable self-sufficient system for your clinical needs.


E- Flo Anaesthesia Workstations
BPL’s E-Flo series offer compact and reliable critical care solutions. Designed by keeping robustness and reliability in mind, these workstations come integrated with features that support all-round efficiency.


CM 2601
BPL Cautery machine ensures utmost safety and also provides efficient feedbacks on tissue impedance through Tissues Impedance Feedback Technology (TIF). With options for monopolar cut, Monopolar Coagulation, Twin Monopolar Coagulation and Bipolar Coagulation, the surgical diathermy machine ensures convenience and safety at one go.


Patient Monitors
Patient monitoring systems are indispensable part of critical care units. Right from monitoring ECG, SpO2, Respiratory rate, Temperature and NiBP, patient monitors monitor multitude of parameters through sensors. While the history of monitoring can be traced back to check on deterioration of patient’s health, to…


Acura S
Designed with an in-built pressure detection device, Acura-S is an infusion-syringe pump that ensures controlled delivery of fluids and medications into the patient’s body. It has micro or continuous injection mode and double CPU to ensure reliability. The pump is also equipped to prevent upstream flow and pressure release function resolves the occurrence of occlusion.


SURTRON® HP can be used to simultaneously perform monopolar and bipolar surgery in application fields which require high precision and reliability.

Double Activity ‘Operating

Two output channels for monopolar cutting
Two independent setting and output channels for monopolar coagulation more frequently
Controlled Cutting Procedures

Cutting currents intensified for eschar free incision
Cutting current with selectable coagulating property for bleeding controlled dissection
Low capacitive coupling by current endoscopic procedures Slow BLEND
Double Procedures Coagulation Subsidiaries

SPEEDY * Coagulation and Coagulation DEEP ** available to two operators
Spray coagulation obtained with handpiece or

Bipolar cutting current with selectable bleeding control
Cutting current Slow BLEND
Start and Stop automatic coagulation activated separately

Acceptability of the impedance between the patient’s body contact and neutral plate constantly checked electronically dalcontrollo Skin Plate Electronic Control (SPEC)
Continuous radio frequency leakage current monitoring
Change in automatically compensated mains voltage before start of the radio frequency power delivery

Independent choice of coagulation currents and power levels of each of the two operators
Ten configurable personal procedures and immediately recallable

outputs for connections driven argon plasma units and smoke aspirator

Automatic diagnostic control of the actual complete electronic drive functionality and accessories connected and coded report of found failures
* Coagulation SPEEDY is also called Fulgurate or Forced
coagulation ** DEEP is also called Pin Point, or Dessicate Soft


Electrosurgical suitable for interventions to precision monopolar and bipolar surgery.
SURTRON® 200 is a electrosurgical suitable for interventions to precision monopolar and bipolar surgery.
SURTRON® 200, allows for minimal-invasive surgical treatments of resection, evaporation and coagulation.
SURTRON® 200 through the selection of performances allows pure CUT, cut-coagulation with varying degrees of modulation CUT90% -CUT80% -CUT70% -BLEND, superficial coagulation FORCED COAG, deep coagulation in absence of carbonization ì SOFT COAG and bIPOLAR coagulation. The digital reading of the delivered power and the overseeing through microcontroller of the operational functions, assure the absolute reliability of working conditions.
In the bipolar mode is activated the impedance detection system tissue with automatic activation and deactivation reached dell’avvenuta clotting (AUTOSTART – AUTOSTOP).
SURTRON® 200 allows a highly professional surgery thanks to the ergonomic and safety features. It is continually monitored the connection of neutral electrode and, if a split neutral electrode is used, the impedance of the neutral electrode / patient contact. The possibility of switching functions and control the delivery of power from the electrodes-handle allows the execution of the surgical operation without diverting attention from the surgical field.