Mi Dex

High Level Disinfectant for
& Sterilant for Medical Devices
    • Time Tested

Reliable formulation of 2.45% Glutaraldehyde

    • Non Rusting

Safe for devices and endoscopes

    • Non Staining

Leaves no stains

    • Long Life

28 days reuse period

Active Ingredients

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Time TestedMi-Dex usesthe time tested formulation of 2.45% Glutaraldehyde. The solution is proven to be sporicidal, bactericidal, myco-bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal. It is capable of high level disinfection as well as sterilization of medical devices and endoscopes. The advanced formulation of activator maintains biocidal activity throughout its shelf life of 28 days. It also maintains microbicidal action even in the presence of organic load.

Non RustingThe non rusting formulation of Mi-Dex ensures excellent compatibility with materials like stainless steel, aluminum, non ferrous metals, glass, ceramic, hard rubber, latex, silicon, macrolon, acrylic, glass etc. This makes it the solution of choice for disinfection and sterilization of medical devices including endoscopes.

Non StainingThe non staining formulation of Mi-Dex makes ilsafeforvarious surfaces.

Long LifeMi-Dex is manufactured using high grade chemicals ensuring stability of 28 days after activation.

AREAS OF APPLICATION:Mi-Dex, is a liquid chemical sterilant and high level disinfectant intended to sterilize or disinfect heat sensitive reusable medical devices. It has excellent material compatibility and is suitable for reprocessing of instruments mode of rubber, plastic, metal, glossand porcelain. It can be used for manual, semi-automatic aswell as completelyautomatic procedures. It can also beusedin ultrasonicbaths

DIRECTIONS FOR USE :Activation: Pour entire content of activator in 5 liters Mi-Dex solution.

Usage: Immerse pre-cleaned medical devices/ instruments completelyin activatedMi-Dex. Make surethat Mi-Dex haspenetrated into all the surfaces and there are no air bubbles.

Immersion Time :

Totol Disinfection
: 10 minutes(HBV – 30 minutes)
Totol Sterilization
: 10 hours(HBV – 30 minutes)

Alter removingthe devicefrom Mi-Dex, washit thoroughly with largevolumeof water. Usesterilewater if required

  • Forexternal useonly
  • Keep soakingtrayscoveredatoll times
  • Avoid direct contactwith skin,eyes and clothing
  • Wear personal protective gear like rubber gloves, eye shieldwhile handling
  • Wash thoroughly with soapand wateralter handling
  • Flush skin,eyes withfreshwater in case of contact
  • In case of emergency, seekmedical help
  • Keep outof reachof children
  • Usein well ventilatedareas
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